Beginning my Journey into the World of Guns

The first article (hopefully, not the last) from Annette.

I am hoping that this will help those women out there who know that they want to learn more about firearms, but canít quite muster the courage to get started.  Here is my story so far, perhaps it will inspire you to take that step out of your comfort zone.  Believe me, you will not regret it.  I have had a blast ever since I did and enjoy every minute of it!

When I was a junior in college I decided that I should learn how to use a firearm.  I knew that I would be on my own soon and somehow the idea of living in some big city without adequate protection did not sit well with me.  Hence the need for firearm instruction.

After coming to this conclusion I didnít quite know what to do next.  I come from a European family; so have never been exposed to any kind of firearm.  Luckily a friend put me in touch with Steve who ended up inviting me to watch a day of one of his Level III classes.  I was amazed.  First of all, everyone there was so friendly!  Iím not quite sure what I was expecting, but I was intimidated to go watch a bunch of guys who have probably been doing this for years and might make me feel like an idiot.  That could not have been further from the truth!  Steve took the time during lunch break to give me my first introduction to firearms.  We started with safety and went on with the basics.  A couple of the guys in the class had stayed during lunch and all were more than eager to let me try their firearm or give me pointers.  It was a great experience; by the end of the day I had shot a .22 Ruger, and Glock 19 and a Glock 17 (the last one in complete darkness!)  I apparently did pretty well for a beginner and had great confidence when heading home that evening.

Well, then I got stuck in a rut.  I did not know anybody at home who had a firearm or went to a shooting range.  And though I had had such a great time with Steve, I just did not feel very comfortable going to a range on my own, call it the ďbeing out of my comfort zoneĒ factor.  This was all still unfamiliar territory, as positive as my first exposure had been, and I just couldnít get myself to go.  So, I didnít.

Finally, almost a year later, I heard about a range close to my house.  I went to their web page, saw that they had a ladies day (free gun rental and reduced lane rental) and figured what the heck.  Why not?  I was planning on attending Steveís Level II class in the fall and wanted to practice for it. 

I went, though it took a bit of convincing from a friend, and am glad that I did.  The people at the range were exceedingly friendly.  I had been worried that I wouldnít remember what to do anymore, but there was plenty of help and I felt completely at ease.  Luckily I had not forgotten much, and I have been going to the range on a weekly basis, which brings us up to date.  I am now going every Tuesday to practice on accuracy.  Steve has assured me that heíll teach me the other aspect of self-defense in the fall, speed.

Hopefully there will be a part II to this little write-up after the Level II class. 


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