A Student's Comments on the Level-II Handgun Class


I just wanted to say a quick thank you for organizing the 3-day Handgun Level II class that was held at ARPC recently.  I can't recall another 3-day class,  of any kind, that I have enjoyed so much.

I had taken the 6-day Handgun class at Jeff Cooper's Gunsite Ranch in Arizona about 8 years ago, and that was good. But this course provided additional information, like how the law looks at self-defense in lethal encounters, how dangerous edged weapons are and how to defend against them, an interesting new holster draw, and the maneuvers to block someone from grabbing your
holstered weapon.

Going into the course, I had decided that it would be worth the $300 just for the review and practice I would receive over a focused, 3-day program, since I don't get out to the range that often. Little did I expect to be exposed to so much new information and defense tactics.  This 3-day class actually covered a wider scope than my week at Gunsite. And it only cost me $300, not the $1300
or more I would have to pay to go out state. There was never a dull moment.  The entire 3 days was packed with either instruction or drill practice. And the instructors were amazingly prepared with EVERYTHING they could possibly need for the course, even the freshly brewed coffee pot out on the range.

I especially appreciated the individualized attention and tutoring on my draw and other habits. Kind of reminded me of taking golf lessons, where the pro looks at your swing and suggests changes. In summary, I enjoyed the class very much and would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve upon their knowledge of the safe and proper handling of a handgun.  I look forward to the next
class next Spring.