Quite often, I am asked what ammunition I would recommend for self defense handguns, or what holster should someone use or what gun to buy.

I'm going to make my recommendations here.  Please be advised that these are what work best for ME.  Your mileage may vary.

Handguns:  This is the one category where I will not make a blanket recommendation.  A personal defense handgun MUST fit the shooters hand.  We each have different needs, carrying methods and of course, different sized hands.  *I* carry a Glock.  A Glock 23, to be precise.  I wholeheartedly recommend Glock pistols and would be hard pressed to carry something else.  They are more rust resistant, longer lasting, more lightweight and have a higher capacity (with pre-9/13/94 magazines) than comparably sized handguns.  And they work and work and work.  Give the Glock a try.  If it fits your hand, it might be the gun for you.

Ammunition:  I carry Remington 165gr Golden Saber in my Glock. It is accurate and combines velocity and bullet weight nicely. The Golden Saber bullet design is excellent. *And* this ammo has VERY low muzzle flash.

Holsters:  I've carried a gun for self defense for a long while now and all of us who have done so for any length of time have accumulated a box of unused, disliked holsters.  I want to remind everyone that a good BELT is needed to support your holster.  The belt might very well be more critical than the holster.  A good belt will make a bad holster tolerable, but a bad belt will make the best holster unusable. With that said, I typically carry a handgun in one of four ways.  The best holster I've found in each category is listed below.  Also, contact any of the three manufacturers listed and inquire about a good belt.