Level-III Requirements

The student is expected to supply:

1. Personal Defense Handgun.

2. 750 rounds MINIMUM of ammunition. 1000 rounds is advisable. Reloads/FMJs are fine.

3. 2 speedloaders or spare magazines MINIMUM..

4. Suitable Holster and spare ammunition carriers.

5. Suitable flashlight and carrier

6. Ear and eye protection.

7. For the guys, a cup to wear during the sims exercises

8. Personal attire that allows movement and physical activity (Dress according to forecast weather conditions. Waterproof footwear and some form of headgear is also advisable to protect against damp grass, sun, rain, heat, cold as appropriate. All shooting and some classroom sessions are conducted outdoors. It may be surprisingly cool first thing in the morning, even when a relatively high temperature is forecast for later in the day. It is far more comfortable to remove unwanted clothing when too warm than to be deficient of clothing when too cold.).

9. Writing material: Pen, Pencil, Paper, etc. (Course material provided by FR&I)


Some items to consider:

1. Fold-up chair

2. Sun screen

3. Gun cleaning kit

4. Gum/candy bars/fruit/soda, etc. Something to tide you over between meal breaks.

5. Knee-pads (if desired)

6. 4 or 5 rounds of your personal protection ammunition, to test muzzle flash during the night shoot.

7. Bug spray.

Again, it is better to bring items that you ultimately donít need, than to need/want them and not have them.