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 NOTE: A more comprehensive list of abbreviations and synonyms related to handguns may be found at the following website:

AD Accidental Discharge (Having your Glock go "bang" when you did not intend it to)

AFAIK As far as I know

BF Brain Fart-a lapse of memory, dumb statement made without thinking, etc.

BG Bad guy (As in "The BG had a .38, I had my 10mm")

Brass The cartridge without the bullet or powder. Spent or unloaded ammunition casing. This is what is ejected from the gun after a bullet is fired.

BTW By the way

Bullet The projectile portion of a cartridge; does NOT refer to the entire cartridge.

Cartridge An assembled round - Bullet, Casing, power and primer

Casing Generally, the same as brass.

CHL Concealed Handgun License (generally handguns only, not knives, i.e. not concealed weapons)

Clip Not used by Glocksters. See Magazine definition. A clip IS used with some types of rifles

Compensated A barrel with gas discharge openings drilled into the top, near the muzzle. The gas expelled from these holes has the effect of compensating for the inherent upward motion of the barrel as the gun is fired. Used in competition, not recommended for self-defense.

DA Double Action (as in Revolver)

DF Drop free (As in a drop-free magazine, preferred in the U.S.A. due to the 1911 legacy

DQ'd Disqualify/Disqualified (As in, "They DQ'd me early in the match for dropping a loaded handgun")

FG Finger groove(s), as on the grips of some Glock models

FG/R Finger groove(s) and rails, as on some newer Glock models

FMJ Full Metal Jacket, a type of bullet

FMJ-TC Full metal jacket-truncated cone, another type of bullet

FML Fully Metal Lined magazine (same as a DF magazine)

FWIW For what it's worth

GSSF Glock Sport Shooting Foundation

GCA Glock Collectors Association

GCA Gun Control Act

GS Golden Saber, a bullet design used by Remington

HS Hydra-Shok, a bullet design used by Federal

HTH Hope this helps

I.D.P.A. International Defensive Pistol Association

IMHO In my humble opinion

IMNSHO In my NOT-so-humble opinion

IMO In my opinion

IMWTK Inquiring minds want to know

IOW In other words

I.P.S.C. International Practical Shooting Confederation

IIRC If I remember (recall) correctly

ISTM It seems to me

IYAM If you ask me

JHP Jacketed Hollow Point, a type of bullet designed to expand (mushroom) in flesh

JSP Jacketed Soft Point, a type of bullet, often used in revolvers

kB! kaBoom! (The sound of a Glock blowing up, usually due to a badly reloaded cartridge

LE Law Enforcement

LEO Law Enforcement Officer (Official) (Office), et al.

LMAO Laughing my ass off.

Magazine That part of a Glock in which cartridges (rounds) are inserted

Mag Well The cavity into which the magazine is inserted.

Magic Bullet A mythical, ideal bullet that works every time to stop an assailant

Malf Malfunction

MJ Metal Jacketed

ND Negligent discharge, probably a more accurate term than AD

NDF Non-drop free (same as NFML)

NFA National Firearms Act

NFML NOT Fully Metal Lined magazine (same as a NDF mag)

NYT New York Trigger (A heavier trigger originally designed for LEO's to use)

NY1 New York connector #1

NY2 New York Connector #2

OTOH On the other hand

OT1H On the one hand

Parkerize The application, to properly prepared steel, of a non-reflective, no-rust, flat gray to black finish. This is a finish based on the chemical interaction of different phosphates and various heavy metals, using heat as a catalyst.

Perp Perpetrator, usually the same as the BG

Plinking Recreational shooting; generally done with old cans and bottles.

Post-Ban Mag A magazine holding more than 10 rounds, made after the ban. Thus, can only be used by LEO's or military folks. Illegal to own or even posess. Usually marked "LEO ONLY" if it's a Glock magazine.

Pre-Ban Mag Magazines holding more than 10 rounds, manufactured before the ban, therefore legal for civilian use.

Polymer Material used in the Glock frames, magazines, and certain other internal components of Glock guns. It's a lightweight, strong, plastic.

Ported Has holes in the barrel (and perhaps slide). See Compensated.

POS Piece of Sh*t

RKBA Right to Keep and Bear Arms

RO Range Officer

Rockwell Scale A scale for the measurement of hardness used with gem stones and metals.

Round A single complete loaded cartridge

ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing (Usually in reaction to somebody's funny statement)

ROTFLMAO Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

RSA Recoil Spring Assembly

RYAM Remember - you asked me

SA Single Action

SASS Single Action Shooter's Society (Cowboy Shooters)

Shell Ammo for a shotgun

STHP Silvertip Hollow Point

SO Safety Officer

SPSP Silver Plated Sissy Pistol (Go watch "U.S. Marshalls)

STB Safe-T-Block

Striker A name sometimes used by non-Glocksters to describe the firing pin

SWC Semi-Wad Cutter

TAC Tactical

TANSTAAFL There aint no such thing as a free lunch

Tenifer A carbo-nitrating hardening process that penetrates the slide and some other Glock parts for several thousandths of an inch, creating a "flake-free" hardness and durability.

TEOTWAWKI The end of the world as we know it

THWI To hell with it

TIA Thanks in advance

TMH Trigger Mechanism Housing

TSHTF The sh*t hits the fan

TTFN ta ta for now

TTYL Talk to you later

Wheelgun A revolver

WPOS Worthless piece of sh*t

WTH What the hell

XTP A bullet type from Hornady.

YMMV Your mileage may vary




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