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     The Glock Papers is intended as a resource for anyone on the Web who owns, is considering buying, or just likes Glock handguns.  If you have questions or comments about this site, you can e-mail


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     For the experienced and safe shooter, perhaps no combat handgun manufactured today can approach the Glock's practicality.  The perfect balance of reliability, ergonomics, firepower, stopping power, and durability found in the Glock is simply unmatched.

     Do you read Glock-L, the internet's most popular way of discussing all things Glock related?  The list is hosted by Nick Simicich and the moderator is Mark Gibson.  Glock-L is a free service, so join today!

Glock FAQs

Things Every Glock Owner Should Know

Glock Cleaning FAQ

The Glock  kB! FAQ

Case Failure FAQ (alternative kB! theory)

Safety Upgrade FAQ

Other Interesting Glock Info

Detailed Overview of the Glock pistol

Glock Model Specifications

Glock Shooting Sports Foundation (coming soon!)

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Calibers ammunition information resource


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