FR&I, Inc. Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Shooting Exercise - Shooting a course of fire that requires standing, kneeling and prone positions.
Barricade1 - Student practicing barricade shooting.
Barricade2 - Student practicing barricade shooting - from the other side of the barricade.
Disarm1 - Student practicing a gun disarm technique.
Disarm2 - Student practicing another gun disarm technique.
Gun Grab - Student practicing weapon retention.
Tueller Demo - Students learning first hand about the 21 foot rule.
Another Tueller Demo - Students learning first hand about the 21 foot rule.
FBI Course of Fire - Students running to the 15yd line during the FBI Pistol Qualification Course.
The infamous Glock 23 - Student using my Glock 23 during a Level-II Handgun course.
Retention Position Shooting - Student practicing retention position shooting.
Harries Technique - Students practicing the Harries technique (note the G23 in the foreground).
Final Exam - Student engages targets while moving to cover during Level-II Handgun final exam.
Pieing Lecture - Students learning about proper pieing techniques.
Weak Handed Shooting - Students practicing weak handed shooting.
Clothed Targets - Student shooting at Q Targets that have been 'clothed'.
Tactical Teds - Student engaging three Tactical Teds.
Kneeling - Students practicing shooting and reloading from the kneeling position.
Defensive Tactics Training - Students learning disarming techniques from a guest instructor.
Hand to Hand - Student practicing control techniques.
Pieing - Students learning proper pieing techniques.