Our students comment:

"This is the best firearms course I have ever taken....The improvement in a class of mostly experienced shooters was dramatic." -TC

"Excellent course! I learned a great deal and I am a much better shooter than before. Highly recommended!" -TP

"Great course! I learned more about individual tactics in 3 days than I did in 3 years in the Army." -BF

"A very informative class with interesting lectures, visuals and class involvement. Presented by a very competent staff... A super course-highly recommended-should be a required course prior to gun ownership." -A.E.

"Good class, very helpful and knowledgeable instructors. Pleasant and enjoyable." -K.O.

"Lectures were to the point with very little 'BS'." -T.K.

"As a female, the instructors make you feel very comfortable." -D.D.

"Another 'Great Job' by the FR&I team! Very comprehensive in every aspect: Enjoyed!" -A.E.

"You guys do a nice job!! I am impressed with the presentation and the overall dissemination of information. Way to go, guys!!" -J.E.

"Excellent! More law-abiding citizens need to be better educated as to their rights. Information is power!!..." -J.S.

"...Love the way they stress safety. Thank you."-M.J.

"I was impressed with the professional attitude and presentation of all materials and the willingness to help on an individual basis." -V.R.

"I enjoyed it very much, I was very afraid of guns and feel more comfortable having been taught in a classroom situation..." -A.M.

" Very Impressive." -P.W.

"Excellent instruction. Related well with students." -JL

"Good course. Learned much." -RL

"Outstanding. I would highly recommend it to others." -DS

"Course was great." -RL

"Definitiely worth the time and money. Increased my confidence. Set direction for future practice and training." -KM

"I think that this course has improved my firearm skills a great deal. I would highly recommend it." -LM

"Appreciated instruction from people who had been there and done that. Time extremely well spent - would like to learn more." -EM

"Picked up some useful techniques and concepts. Instructors knew their subject matter and were able to express it/teach it in an effective manner." -TB

"Good course. Range work excellent." - RK

"I hope I never need to use what I learned. However, if I ever am involved in a lethal encounter, this course will improve my chances of survival and may even save my life. Thanks!" -RF

"Great course! I learned more than I expected to learn (and I expected to learn a lot). I hope I never have to use the skills learned in this course, but if I do, I now have the confidence to protect myself and family." -CK

"Absolutely great!" -DB

"A great course for a fair ‘still shooter' like me, who needs rapid shooting education." -CD

"Excellent. Undogmatic and accepting of alternate viewpoints." -DL

"Great Course, looking forward to Level-III. Excellent Instruction!!" -RB

"Excellent. Wish it was longer" -BL

"Excellent! Great classroom and application. Steve & Chris both great instructors. safety was always first, which put me at great ease with a lot of the exercises. Worth every cent!" -CH

"Very good. Professionally presented. Look forward to more." -DB

"Another great class...happy to see my motion while practicing getting quicker & quicker. -PB

"Excellent once again" -DB

"Very informative - very practical - have learned useful skills that will be used for a lifetime & possibly save my life/the lives of others. Two thumbs up." -JF

"This course brings to mind the reality of action versus reaction - of conditional branching and the response necessary to secure your person. I found this weekend invigorating and humbling. I wish it was longer and look forward to the opportunity of experiencing it again. It was gritty and forthright. I'd recommend it to anyone interested. Thanks!" -RS

"Excellent. I learned more than I expected to. I look forward to the next class." -DA

 "With the exception of test question #25, the entire course was excellent. The material was great and the mix of students and proactive, interactive atmosphere was both informative and comfortable. I would take it again." -CA

"Very informative. I have learned more about autoloading pistol shooting and shot more centerfire rounds this weekend than I have learned in the past 5 years!" -DH

"Taught me more about the use of a firearm and the dynamics of lethal encounters than I had learned in my previous 56 years. Teacher ferociously devoted to imparting his knowledge." -DK

"Provides unique and invaluable instruction that EVERY armed citizen should have! Steve is a very accommodating, entertaining and competent instructor. Liked it *much* better than LFI Intro level." -MW

"...I found this to be the most informative and enjoyable of the 3 times I've taken the Level-II.  Steve and Jeff are an exceedingly capable team of instructors.  See you at the Level-III!!" - MW

"The information presented was practical and useful in my daily life.  I have greater confidence in my ability to protect myself and others.  This course would benefit everyone who has a gun in his/her home or may be attacked." - LL

"I learned more in three days than I have in my whole life, including watching TV." -RL