Gun Belts and Holsters

Often, I see persons who legally carry a handgun doing so in an ill fitting holster.  Likewise, many will buy/use a generic 'one size fits most' holster.  It is critical that one uses a high quality, properly fitted holster for their personal defense handgun.   A good, properly fitted holster holds the gun more securely (it is considered a BadThing to have your gun fall out in public), has better retention qualities, keeps the gun in the same place (ensuring a proper draw) and conceals the gun better than a badly fitted holster.

I am constantly amazed at the people who will spend $500 for a gun and then balk at spending more than $20 for a holster.  What good does it do to have the greatest gun in the world, if you drop it (or can't draw it properly) when you need it most?

Who needs the hassles associated with a gun that prints?  A better holster might help alleviate this problem.

Okay.  Now we have gotten a holster that fits our gun (and our body) properly.  As important as a good holster is, a good, sturdy gun belt is equally (if not more so) crucial.  Make certain that the belt loops in the holster match the belt's width.  Using a 1.5" belt with a holster made with 1.75" loops is courting disaster.  The gun will shift, print, pull away from the body, etc.  All these are not good things.

A good belt makes a bad holster usable.  A bad belt makes a great holster useless.  DO NOT skimp on your gun belt.  Do your holster and your personal defense weapon justice and get them the belt they deserve.